Matthias Pogoda – Guitarist & Pianist

As a professional guitarist and pianist, Matthias Pogoda has been working with nationally and internationally known musicians since 1980.

The Hamburger Morgenpost characterized him as a guitarist, citing his “impressive guitar solos, presented with almost insuperable effortlessness” (March 30, 2011).

Die Welt describes his playing as “soulful” (March 28, 2012).


He is known as a member of FRIENDS, Inga Rumpf’s band.
Click here for a video clip from the 2008 concert in the Michel Church in Hamburg.

Want to hear more?. Click here for a recording of the WDR-Rockpalast concert in 2006 (also published by inakustik 9087).

In the 1990s he met with success in Olaf Casimir’s Band, Bass Instinct.


As a pianist, Matthias Pogoda is well-known in the field of gospel and pop, for example as MD during Inga Rumpf’s tour, “Walking in the Light”, on the occasion of EXPO 2000 in Hannover.

  • Inga Rumpf
  • NDR Bigband
  • Reinhold Beckmann
  • Franz Wittenbrink
  • Deutsches Schauspielhaus
  • Ina Müller
  • Radio Bremen
  • Eva Matthes
  • Burghard Klaußner
  • Thaila Theater Hamburg
  • Muriel Zoe
  • Roger Cicero